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About our Club

Lake Youth Baseball is responsible for connecting the youth in our community to a structured baseball program.  These youth would be between and include the ages of 4-14 and would attend Lake Local Schools or reside in Lake Local School District.  Lake Local School District is located in Lake Township, Ohio and is mainly comprised of the communities of Hartville and Uniontown Ohio.  Lake Youth Baseball is a self-funded, non-profit organization, dedicated to serving the youth of our community.  Because our community has no Parks and Recreations Department, we must annually raise enough money to maintain 13 fields on loan to us throughout our community and provide a worthwhile baseball program on them for over 400 kids.  We have been successfully carrying this task out for over 30 years.  Should you wish to contribute to our program financially, or as a volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact us.  For those of you who are part of our organization already, we thank you for your support - we could not do this without you!!