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May-Nia Winners

Thank you to our community members and businesses who helped sponsor our giveaways, as well as those who purchased a raffle ticket! This page will be updated regularly with the winners of the drawings. See our Facebook page for video of the drawings.

Date Item Winner
5/1 Barrel Room Gift Certificate Chris Logan
5/1 Lottery Basket Andrew Wickham
5/2 Gift Certificate Brett Rosso
5/2 Starbucks Linda and Brad Collins
5/3 Golf Foursome Erich Buehler
5/4 Golf Foursome Nick Crutchman
5/5 Golf Foursome Corey Gansel
5/6 Browns Picture Claudia Everts
5/6 Roma's Basket Quinton Kramer
5/7 Gift Card Basket Nick Tressa
5/7 Bath and Body Works Basket Lavaughn Hayes
5/8 Carlo's Gift Certificate Katie Crutchman
5/8 Smucker's Snack Basket Peggy Bourn
5/9 Hometown Hobby and Gaming Nate Harmon
5/9 Massage Basket TJ Sutton
5/10 Golf Foursome Pat Ungershik
5/11 Golf Foursome Aaron Sattler
5/12 Golf Foursome Pat Ungershik
5/13 Sheetz/McDonalds/Casa Del Lago/Wing Warehouse Colleen Isom
5/13 Keirns/Tito's Mexican Grill Niki Jones
5/14 Walthers/Johnny J's Kacy Donald
5/14 Canton Rd Garden Center/Tito's Mexican Grill Toni Jepson
5/15 Artistic Expressions Joe Marshall
5/15 Ohio Lottery Cathy Hawranick
5/16 Aida's Bakery Tom Qoods
5/16 The BronzerThe Better Kacy Donald
5/17 Golf Foursome Mike Hanrahan
5/18 Golf Foursome Tony Corsica
5/19 Golf Foursome Wayne Turner
5/20 Beatty's A. Wakefield
5/20 McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Casa Del Lago Angie Nabors
5/21 Hartville Antique Mall Pat Riley
5/21 McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Tito's Mexican Grill Joe Brewer
5/22 Fiestaware Jeremy Yoder
5/22 Dog Toys/Treats Stacie Ashworth
5/23 Batting Gloves/Socks/Bat Bag Jayne Jwan
5/23 Pizza/McDonalds/Sheetz Theresa Mellion-Mintz
5/24 Golf Foursome Sam Rogers
5/25 Golf Foursome Tom Ascani
5/26 Golf Foursome Albert Reed
5/27 Casa Del Lago/TD Tailgate/Sheetz Laura Arnold
5/27 Artistic Expressions Mckenna Lopane
5/28 TSC Jewelry/Holy By Design Allen and Terri Vaccalli
5/29 Farmer's Rail Autumn
5/30 Brows By Courtney Ashley Hathaway
5/31 Golf Foursome Jim Eberts